A multi-colour printer that will print & cut any shape you wish at an amazingly high speed.


Create multi-coloured signs on demand for your entire facility, all from one machine. 

SMS 430

Multi purpose single colour printer for everyday labelling needs.


Complete range of materials for all applications available for all types of printers.


Full range of coloured ribbons available.

Toro Portable Sign System

All in one, stand alone industrial sign and label system. 9" colour touch screen, keyboard and powerful sign and label software pre-loaded. Delivers industrial quality sign and labelling at your finger tips, battery powered or mains - totally independent from networks and PC, truly portable, reliable and rugged. With a large range fo materials for high temperatures, low temperatues, oily surfaces, aggressive environments, solvents and oil resistant. Custom materials and die-cuts also easily delivered on request

The SMS TAG-ID is designed to give immediate improvements to your Lock-Out / Tag-Out programmes;

producing ‘customised’, colour coded tags that clearly identify specific risks and give you the capability to customise your Tags to be more effective, more flexible and convey a stronger safety message.

SMS 900 Large Format Industrial sign and Label Printing System.

A system that instantly delivers the big, important messages. Logo


A multi coloured sign printer



Make Hazards Known

Customize extra-wide visual communication to best suit your facility’s needs. Draw awareness to hazardous areas or help improve the flow of operations with bigger than ever signage. Choose the size of your messages from 4’’- 10’’ wide signs, and up to 8 feet long.



It’s Versatile

Print large-format signs and labels instantly using the simple touchscreen and wireless keyboard for intuitive use. Customize the size and design of your signage to effectively get the message across with endless industry applications. A large selection of specialty supplies allow for more opportunities to make a bold statement.



Nothing stays the same. Regulations change. Internal programs change. Project requirements change. You can make those changes right away and even test different options—no waiting or guessing as to how it will look.


Print large signs: design and print signs from 4’’- 10’’ wide and up to 8’ long

Multi-color output: multi-color print capability for color-coded signs, OSHA/ANSI signs with headers, and GHS/HazCom 2012 chemical labels.

Standalone workstation: use the 9” touchscreen and wireless QWERTY keyboard to easily design and print your signs or labels anywhere there’s a power outlet.

Powerful software: easily design custom labels and signs for a variety of industrial applications, including OSHA compliance, GHS/HazCom 2012 chemical labeling, wayfinding, pipe marking, arc flash warnings, and more. Includes a library of over 1,500 standardized symbols.


Hassle-free setup: self-contained system includes preinstalled software—no IT support required.

Wide variety of supplies: choose between single-color and multi-color supply stock and over 30 application-specific supplies.

Fast printing: increase your productivity with a print speed of 2" per second and an automatic cutter, with no drying time for printed labels.


Network connectivity: connect to a wireless network for free software updates and remote database access.

High-resolution: print bold easy-to-read signs and labels at 300 dpi.

5-Year warranty:

Lifetime support: receive free support for the life of your product.