Floor marking

ReLINE floor marking is available in multiple sizes, colors and qualities. Ranging from 5cm wide stript up to 86,5 cm wide walking paths. The quality needed is highly dependent on the application and the conditions of the area it will be used in. We offer qualities which are finished with extreme adhesiveness, specifically designed to use on rough surfaces. But we also provide a quality type that is very suitable for a smoother surface in an area where modest work is being carried out

Hazard striping

Our ReLINE hazard stripes are ideal for creating clear divisions to avoid dangerous situations by marking certain areas.
We supply Hazard Striping on rolls which are available in several widths and color combinations: Black-Yellow, Black-White, White-Red, Green-White and Green-Yellow.

In-line print

In-Line print is the right choice if you want your floor marking to be pre-printed.
This floor marking will have your print on it and will be finished with a laminate top layer to protect your print from damages.
Order your floor marking with custom logo’s, company names, images and more!



When it comes to LEAN, 5S and Six Sigma our floor shapes are essential parts.
This helps to organize the work place, increases safety and improves visibility.
The ReLINE shapes are available in several colours and qualities. Choose from: Dots, Arrow, Pedestrians, T and X corners, Strips, Numbers and Letters.

Safety signs

You can choose from hundreds of razor sharp floor signs in several sizes and colours. You can also choose to get your custom floor sign produced by us.
After approval of the artwork you will receive your own custom made sign!

ReGLO (photoluminescent)

All ReLINE signs are also available in a “glow in the dark” version, ReGLO. The ReLINE ReGLO series is ideal for indicating evacuation routes, emergency equipment or exit marking for employees during power outages.

Floor Marking Applications

1   Purple tape for completed orders
2   white tape to the location of the 5S cart
3   Blue tape for new parts
4   Printable tape direction indicator
5   White tape for the Stage
6   Green tape treated parts
7   Black tape for faulty components
8   Yellow tape for pallet storage



9     Reline T & X angles
10   Red / white tape for "free love" area

11   Stop Signs for traffic
12   Black / yellow tape for a hazardous area
13   Yellow tape for traffic marking
14   Black / White tape for "free love" Area
15   Black / yellow tape for electrical appliances
16   Green tape for safety zone indication
17   Reline feet and pedestrians
18   Reglo "glow in the dark" floor marking

label applications

19   marshalls label 
20   Security door label 
21   Eyes Wash label 
22   Dock identification 
23   Propane security label 
24   Storage location labeled 
25,   tagged inventory location 
26   Plank & rack identification

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ReLine X-Treme floor tape durability test with forktruck